The Patrick Madrid Show: June 7, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Announcement: winner of the pilgrimage with Patrick Madrid is Kevin and Cindy of PA
  • Caller: Pedro loves Patrick’s show and thanks him for his lay ministry
  • Caller: Pam asks if Patrick has heard about an image of the Madonna paved into a cliff in Columbia. She heard it from Fr Calloway
  • 12 year old girl causes pandemonium at city meeting when she says abortion is murder and compares it to slavery
  • Listener email: Michelle asks why we pray to the saints. Isn’t praying to God enough?
  • Caller: Joe and his wife are cradle Catholics, were married in the church, but recently his wife feels she is getting nothing out of mass so she started going to a Protestant megachurch
  • Patrick explains the different experiences between attending a Catholic mass or Protestant service
  • Soundbite: Sunday worship at a Protestant church