The Patrick Madrid Show: June 7, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Google fires Republican engineer who spoke out against “outrage mobs”
  • Caller: Jim refers to a caller a few days ago who is getting in arguments with his wife about attending Catholic mass. Jim notes that the Bible says to stay with an unbelieving spouse
  • Caller: Theresa says she focuses on correcting her vision to see how God sees. Enough commotion, just focus on Heaven and move forward
  • Caller: Kathy is disappointed her church friends didn’t pray for the president
  • Caller: Jim wishes he became Catholic sooner than he did because it is so rich and full of truth. He wishes more Catholics didn’t take it for granted
  • Soundbite: Joe Biden announces he can no longer support the Hyde Amendment
  • Letter written by Senator Kennedy in 1971 to his constituent Denali, two years before Roe v Wade decision