Astronomers missed 100M-wide asteroid

  • Hour 3 of 7-29-19
  • Stefano Gennarini updates you on the State Department launching a ‘Commission on Unalienable Rights.” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that we all need to occasionally take a “step back” and reexamine how much of an effort we are making to protect human dignity in the country and around the world. Stefano laments that the Trump administration is making the decision to protect LGBT rights in other countries; this is wrong he says because he says that the pride flag is often a sign of Christian discrimination.
  • A father has sued an abortion facility after his girlfriend aborted her baby despite his objections. So much for the father’s choice, huh? Prof Teresa Collett gives commentary on this story and advises where she thinks this will go. She also hopes that Roe v Wade will fall as soon as possible, adding that it’d be better for the next Supreme Court justice to be a woman, since none of the other women on the Supreme Court are pro-life. Otherwise, it’d be all men who overturn Roe, which wouldn’t look as good to liberal and feminist advocates.
  • Did you hear about the 100M-wide asteroid that could have been a “city killer?” Chances are you didn’t, because astronomers almost missed it!! Would this happen again, and what will it take to assure that it is not missed next time? Fr. Chris Corbally shares what he thinks, and Drew asks listeners what they would do if they know an asteroid was going to hit the earth in a matter of weeks or days.