Ed Morrissey: Conservation, Immancipation, Mueller 7.24.19

  • Guest host, Ed Morrissey: Are young conservatives more committed to environmental action? Bethany Bowra will discuss an event taking place this week by the American Conservation Coalition that is bringing in college students from 38 states to Washington DC. They want a focus on climate change while ensuring economic freedom and growth.
  • Erick Kaardl of Thomas More Society provides an update on an ongoing legal fight in Minnesota over a school’s attempts to keep a mother from discovering that their teen’s school had shepherded the student through the process to get a sex-change operation without ever informing her.
  • Chapman University professor John Eastman joins us to review today’s congressional hearings with Robert Mueller. Was any new ground broken, or is there more confusion than ever about the special counsel investigation?
  • Largest scandal in American history, using government resources to spy on opposition in a political campaign.