Go Ask Your Father July 22nd – Martha and Mary

Are you Martha or are you Mary? We heard the story of Martha and Mary over the weekend and Msgr. Swetland wants to know if feel more like Martha or Mary.


Caller Question – Is Martha the patron saint of house keeping?

Caller Question – Can Eucharistic Ministers relieve communion more than once in a weekend?

Caller Question – Question about making up for what was lacking in reference to this past weekends reading in St Paul.

Caller Question – Is it a mortal sin to choose to not be Catholic?

Caller Question – Can Msgr. Swetland explain the Churches teaching about going to heaven if you are not Catholic?

Caller Question – How to respond to someone who is considering going to SSPX?

Catechetical Corner – Creation

Caller Question – Is it a mortal sin to vote for a pro-abortion candidate?