Guest host, Ed Morrissey of welcomes Andrew McCarthy, Rick Ungar 7.25.19

  • Guest host, Ed Morrissey of welcomes former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy analyzes yesterday’s extensive testimony by special counsel Robert Mueller. Did Mueller’s lack of clarity indicate that he was more of a “figurehead” for the investigation?
  • Caller, Eric: What about the compromise to our political system?
  • For a different perspective on Mueller’s testimony, center-left syndicated radio host and attorney Rick Ungar will join us. Did Mueller give Democrats enough to revitalize their investigative efforts? Will Mueller’s testimony ultimately have any impact on voters?
  • There’s one “all star” witness in the investigation: White House Counsel, Don McGahn. No real evidence suggests that votes were changed from social media influence meddling; as to whether or not it turned votes – you never know.