Last night’s debate/At the border

  • Hour 1 of 7-31-19
  • After the debate, can you guess who was the most searched for candidate on Google? Marianne Williamson, the new age author, who now warns about a dark psychic cloud circling around the current administration. What else happened at the debate? Well, Sen Bernie Sanders and Sen Elizabeth Warren made a case for Medicare-for-all, and some of the moderates like Rep Tim Ryan said that union workers do not want to lose their private insurance. Salena Zito offers her take on what happened, and where the 2020 race might be headed.
  • Congressman Jeff Fortenberry recently visited the Mexico border, and joins Drew to share what he saw. He is asked whether he actually saw terrible living conditions, and if kids are being separated from their parents. He says that a country has the right to secure their borders, and right now there is such a crisis, so this is the best thing that can be done to help migrants down the road. So many smugglers and traffickers are posing a threat, and he said that they need to be stopped.