Presidential health

  • Hour 1 of 7-30-19
  • Paul Kupiec updates Drew briefly on the Capital One breach that has affected many people! You can learn more about this story here.
  • He also shares what Facebook is now up to, related to their new project called Facebook Libra, which is bringing in cryptocurrency. There is much skepticism about it, and some wonder if it will ever take off at all.
  • If Joe Biden were to take presidential office in 2020, he would be 78. Is he up for the job and would his health be good enough for the job? Should there be an age limit, and how much does health play into the importance of this job? Dr. Sean O’Mara gives his take, and encourages people to look at what they are eating, how much stress they have, and their overall lifestyle habits, especially those who are younger and in the millennial range.