Reintegrative therapy

  • Hour 3 of 7-11-19
  • A look at Chick fil A and how they have found success despite repeated efforts to undermine their traditional values and call for boycotts from the LGBT movement. Even still, they are now the third most popular food chain. Not only that, but they have been continually committed to staying closed on Sundays. More business should do the same; apparently it hasn’t affected profits!
  • Amazon has censored books from Dr. Joseph Nicolosi that deal with LGBT reintegrative therapy, which basically asserts that people with SSA can lose their attraction to the same sex. Why would they ban these books but not books from Hitler?? Michael Gasparro is a therapist who helps his clients work through their disordered sexual attraction, and has found success in helping people realize that there is usually a root problem beneath it all, like abuse or neglect from fathers. You can sign the petition urging Amazon to stop banning these books here.