St. Joseph’s Workshop with Fr. Matthew Spencer July, 16 2019

We discover a freedom in Christ. It is a knowledge that comes from embracing the teachings of Jesus. The world fails to see why we maintain the faith. It is because we know that there is nothing that will give us what our heart desires other than the love of God.


There is a simple tool that can help you exercise more it will lower your stress level alongside many other things would you buy it? God’s grace and give you all of these things. Science has demonstrated that being a grateful person can lead to improving these things in your life. We do not let the people around us that we are thankful for them enough. 


Father discuss cheating within chest competitions. No matter how good you get at something there is a temptation to still wanting to be better than others. Father talks about the reason why we cheat and lie. We always have to work towards being truthful people. 


How many times have you asked God for a sign? Matthew 11 beginning around verse 20.