St. Joseph’s Workshop with Fr. Matthew Spencer July, 18 2019

Father shares some amazing experiences he has had recently. A flight attendant walks by and sayings it is so nice to have a priest on board with us. A flight attendant hands father a bottle of wine. Sometimes we miss the little moments. How often do you work towards making someone else’s day? How many times do we work to be blessings?


Father talk about Faceapp it is an app that adapts your face that adds 30 years to your face. There are also privacy risks from this app. Any picture that is uploaded to the app can be used. The government has come out and said that they need an investigation. 


Kellen the intern shares his reason why he did not download the app. Father looks at Kellen’s reasoning. Father tells a bit of Vendaval Augustine Tolton story. Chances are you and I have lied a life without nearly as much persecution as Augustin Tolton. If he could see the beauty of Jesus teachings among his sufferings, you and I can as well. 


Father shares some of the complaints that he hears from people who are not Christian. Father talks about exodus 3:13 and how it connects to Jesus.