The Catholic Case against communism

  • Hour 3 of 7-25-19
  • There was an article from America Magazine that tried to make a case for communism from a Catholic perspective. But let’s be honest, we can’t make a Catholic case for that. Communism is denounced by the Church, and always will be. But why? Why do we say it’s immoral and impractical? Dr. Paul Kengor gives his arguments and explanation.
  • Dr. Marguerite Duane stops by to discuss fertility apps which will help you to better and more practically live out NFP in your marriage. On this 51st anniversary of Humanae Vitae, we remember the Church document from Pope Paul VI which said that contraception will only lead to grave evil. And he was right. He predicted that the pill would bring about objectification of women, and a rise in other moral and societal problems. Bishop Barron’s audio is played in the last part of the hour as he delves into one particular section of the document.