The death penalty is reinstated

  • Hour 1 of 7-25-19
  • An update on North Korea, and how they fired two missiles. Will we ever see peace with them? Drew invites you to pray for this situation, and what Kim Jung Un might be up to.
  • Sadly, the death penalty was reinstated today, and AG Barr has ordered some criminals to be executed. This hasn’t happened since 2003 on the federal level. Msgr Stuart Swetland laments this decision, and he explains that Pope Francis didn’t change this teaching of the Church. He said that evolution of doctrine is entirely permissible, and even past popes such as Pope John Paul II spoke out against the death penalty.
  • A study says that doctors are reconsidering the health advantages of aspirin, and it is now said that if you are taking it daily, you should stop. There are exceptions, such as those with heart conditions, but aspirin is found to be causing more harm than good. Dr. Joel Brind of Sweetamine has been waiting for this to happen, and he explains why. You can visit his product site –