The Inner Life July 22nd – Spiritual Encouragement for College Students

Spiritual Encouragement for College Students. We are coming to that time of year where our young adults are going off to college, either returning for another year, or attending college for the very first time No doubt that in college, students undergo many changes and learn what it is like to be an adult. So how do we encourage our young adults spiritual while away at college? How do we help them keep their faith during this time of growth? Father JP Mitchell joins Chuck Neff for the very first time to discuss this most important topic.


Caller Story – A sophomore in College, her faith has been a large part of her college life, including being confirmed last year into the Church.

Caller Story – She shares how the power of just a simple invitation to Mass impacted her faith in College.

Caller Story – She lost her faith in college but found it later in life.

Caller Story – Shares how she became a convert to the faith during college.