The Inner Life July 31st – Novena For Our Nation

Novena for Our Nation. What is a Novena and why are we praying one for our nation? How do you pray a Novena and what can praying one for our nation do? Father Rick Heilman joins Chuck Neff to discuss the Novena for Our Nation and why we should all pray it.


Caller Question – If you say the rosary everyday, when doing a Novena, do you need to say a second rosary?

Caller Story – Her brother was a POW in Korea, the rosary helped her family get through it.

Caller Story – The rosary helped her through her sickness.

Caller Story – The rosary saved her kids lives.

Caller Question – He struggles with praying the rosary, has a hard time staying awake. Does Father Heilman have any advice on how to overcome this?