The Inner Life July 9th – Adoration

Adoration. Just being in the Lords presence can be life changing, but how do we connect with God in adoration? Fr. Peter Armenio joins Chuck Neff to discuss adoration and how to draw closer to the Lord in adoration.


Caller Story – He entered adoration as a substitute and then became a regular.

Caller Story – She wasn’t sure about adoration at first but now that she is a regular and she always looks forward to going.

Caller Story – He met a woman who prayed for him during adoration and she told him that Jesus loves him

Caller Story – Her son was sick, she started going to adoration and her son got better.

Caller Story – She goes to adoration every morning before work.

Caller Story – Was told she needed to go to adoration back in 2005, and it changed her life.

Caller Story – God helped her in her career after going to adoration.