The Patrick Madrid Show: July 10, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Scott challenges Patrick on why Relevant Radio runs a spot that says praying “through” Mary is powerful rather than praying “to” Mary
  • Caller: Charles is Protestant and heard on air this morning Matt 10:34: “I have come not to bring peace but a sword” and coincidentally Patrick recommended the book with that title today
  • Caller: Mary is heartbroken and worried about her cousin who died suddenly without last rites and will not have a funeral. What can she do now to pray for her soul?
  • Caller: Pam is confused by Luke 16:8-9
  • Caller: Doug’s daughter-in-law is into Wicca and he’s wondering what he can say to her because it concerns him
  • Caller: John shares that his girlfriend died 4 weeks after finding out she had cancer. He says people who go through this like caller Mary should go to a support group
  • Caller: Patti thinks being a Eucharistic minister to those in hospitals is risky because the person receiving could be in a state of mortal sin and only a priest can hear confession
  • Caller: Deacon Gary says to look at old English translation of what it means to “pray” to someone in regards to the caller asking about praying to Mary