The Patrick Madrid Show: July 10, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Alfredo likes hearing the Memorare spots recorded by children aired on Relevant Radio. He also looks forward to Christ Cathedral’s reopening after its renovation
  • Soundbite: Mary Rice Hasson’s interview on Morning Air regarding public school curriculum educating kids on gender ideology. She says to pull your kids out now!
  • Soundbite: Callers to the Morning Air show share their personal experiences with transgender tolerance in public schools despite peers feeling uncomfortable
  • Caller: Margo asks about praying to Mary versus through Mary
  • Caller: Molly asks about cremation and spreading of ashes
  • Caller: Sarah disagrees with Hasson’s proposal that we pull all kids from public schools. She thinks we are called to engage in the controversy and fight for change
  • Caller: Jen says that financial hardships are the main reason parents send their kids to public school so it’s easier said than done to pull them out
  • Caller: Zach is a first time listener and says since our definitions of gender are ever changing, we should have bathrooms listed as “anatomically male/female”