The Patrick Madrid Show: July 11, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Caller: E-Frank asks if it is “fair and just” to baptize animals
  • Caller: Pat asks Patrick’s opinion on the book “AAA-1025”
  • Church of England: If one spouse ‘transitions,’ we’ll recognize it as same-sex ‘marriage’
  • Here’s how many Millennials get money from mommy and daddy on a MONTHLY basis
  • Caller: Kelly asks about Lectio Divina and how to meditate during it
  • Callers husband is a cop and has to miss Mass on Sundays because he is required to work. This concerns her, what are Patrick’s thoughts? Will there be 3 days of darkness?
  • Caller: Mike hears many callers hit roadblocks in their perspectives re: financing Catholic schooling. Even though it’s hard, parents should do what it takes because it matters