The Patrick Madrid Show: July 11, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Vincent Lambert died nine days after doctors stopped providing artificial feeding and hydration, ending years of legal flip-flopping over whether to keep him alive
  • Caller: Don shares that his daughter was terminally ill
  • Caller: Ann’s family is in turmoil because her son didn’t invite a family member to his wedding. Patrick says that was a needlessly wrong move in his opinion
  • Caller: Sam’s dad put all nine kids through Catholic school and the sacrifice was worth it
  • Caller: Linda is a born-again Christian and shares her testimony
  • Caller: Andria comments on Vincent Lambert dying and where our culture is headed
  • Caller: Mary says not all public schools are bad. She is in a district where the education is strong and her kids have met other Catholic kids
  • Caller: Liz asks about God’s will, evil, and the ends justifying the means