The Patrick Madrid Show: July 11, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Patrick answers Liz’s call from the previous hour on the ends justifying the means
  • Caller asks if a spouse should share his/her sins they confess in confession
  • Caller: Anastasia’s daughter is 16 weeks pregnant and told the baby has no heartbeat. She is distraught and asks for prayers
  • Caller: Stephanie asks if it was wrong of her to go to a wedding of a couple who lived together before marriage
  • Caller: Debbie believes she will see her pets in Heaven. She also has family members who did IVF and had a child
  • Caller: Brian asks about the unforgivable sin. There are Protestants that believe the Catholic Church is evil and die believing that. How does God judge them?
  • Caller: Yeshua is 6 years old and asks why God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son
  • Caller: Luke asks if the Passover is an example of God dealing with evil as the ends justifying the means
  • Caller: Richard asks about blessing sacramentals bought at a bookstore