The Patrick Madrid Show: July 16, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Listener email: Maggie asks about her investment in Disney stock and her Netflix subscription. Should she stop taking her family to Disneyland too?
  • Caller: Marcy used to be an alcoholic and almost died but told God she would change if her life was spared. The rosary has helped her. She says Mary appeared to her
  • Caller: Brad asks how he should respond to his cousin who is gay and marrying a transgender person. They are not Catholic.
  • Caller: Jim asks about the Didache
  • Caller: Laura has been shunned from her family for standing up for the faith
  • Caller: Paul discusses how when we pray, it’s not about getting an emotional feeling. The more we spiritually mature, the more He withdraws those consolations and we have to exercise faith and free will
  • Caller: Julie’s sister was leaving the Church to become Mormon, but what brought her back was the Holy Eucharist