The Patrick Madrid Show: July 17, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Grace has a friend who is having trouble with Catholic beliefs. Patrick offers some advice and resources
  • Mary says that single sex sleep overs could be problematic, too, since gay/straight alliance clubs at school
  • Barbara asks if there a difference between brown scapular and a scapular medal?
  • Ken asks if he is allowed to bless someone not receiving Host at a nursing home?
  • Ryan asks What is the Catholic teaching on Martha and Mary (gospel reading this Sunday)
  • Anne asks What is Patrick’s take on children’s liturgy of the word?
  • Patrick encourages Nancy, a protestant caller, who listens to the show every day. Nancy reports that a new CA law is making it a misdemeanor to not tell someone about having AIDS
  • Jacob asks if there is any truth to money from Sunday collections being used for lobbying?
  • Sara Disagrees w/ Patrick on liturgy of the word. It depends on how it is set up