The Patrick Madrid Show: July 19, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Maddie asks for Patrick to clarify what he means re: putting a sign on the door and letting God in. Shouldn’t she, as a single woman, be able to use birth control?
  • Sarah comments on Maddie’s call. She (Maddie) is coming from pro-choice standpoint.
  • Pete – re: Maddie: It’s important to look at  statistical info on contraception
  • Jessie – How do we talk to Protestants who say we can go on sinning b/c Jesus has them
  • C.J. – If no sin or evil exist in heaven, how can Satan have asked God to tempt Job?
  • Grant – Protestant interested in Catholic faith but wife isn’t. What should I do?
  • Gary re: Maddie: wants to compliment Patrick on how he handled it