The Patrick Madrid Show: July 2, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Baptismal font discovered at Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity
  • Soundbite: CNN commentator Alisyn Camarota was perplexed on air regarding why any parent would want to carry to term a disabled baby, referencing the government ban on discriminatory abortion
  • Patrick shares a personal story of a family who was told by their doctor to abort their disabled child. They refused and he is now a completely healthy handsome young adult
  • Caller: Barbara is confused why a priest on a telecast didn’t say to reflect on your sins before the penitential rite
  • Caller: Fr. O’Reilly says perhaps Patrick misunderstood Barbara’s call
  • Caller: Angela had a down syndrome baby and shares her experience raising the child
  • Caller: Gloria asks about praying for family members who may be in Purgatory. She also asks how to know when it is moral to remove life support
  • Caller: Dominick asks how to go about requesting the apostolic pardon
  • Caller: C.B. asks Patrick’s opinion on stem cell research that is NOT from aborted babies