The Patrick Madrid Show: July 2, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Andrew had a special needs child and it changed him and made him a better person. If we switched our perspective we’d see that special needs kids help us
  • Texas couple foster more than 170 newborn babies
  • Caller: Sonia asks if it is okay to pray to Solomon from the Old Testament
  • Caller: Ed wants to get people to write letters to their bishops because he thinks priests aren’t doing a good enough job
  • Caller: Briana asks how pharaoh’s magicians mimicked Moses when his staff changed and defeated serpents? Where is the Garden of Eden exactly?
  • Caller: Kathleen gives a few suggestions on how to take action in the pro-life movement
  • Caller: Donna asks what “son of man” meant to the Israelites in the time of Jesus
  • Caller: Deanne asks how to respond to someone who believes in pre-Vatican II only
  • Caller: Gina asks the Church’s stance on vaccination and Patrick’s opinion on the government trying to take away religious exemptions and force parents to vaccinate