The Patrick Madrid Show: July 24, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Netflix sheds $24 billion in value in six days after growth miss
  • Greg Coppola is a current Google engineer who is blowing the whistle on political bias
  • Caller: Greg asks for advice because his sister is coming to visit and there has been tension regarding her daughter/his niece feeling she is non-binary
  • Caller: Mark’s daughter is same-sex attracted and he thinks it is rooted in a lack of love. It’s a wound on her heart.
  • Soundbite: PragerU – Professor Kreeft explains how God could allow bad things to happen to Good People
  • Caller: Elizabeth says gender identity being wrong isn’t only a Catholic teaching. God said man and woman he created them…
  • Caller: Carlos’ friend wonders if we are all living in Purgatory right now