The Patrick Madrid Show: July 25, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Pino says being in the state of grace does not keep us protected from evil
  • Caller: Serena shares that she met her fiancé on Catholic Match to give encouragement to the previous callers looking for a good guy
  • Caller: Les is Agnostic and thinks even though there are side effects to birth control it is still necessary. There are side effects to all drugs we take
  • Caller: Ed thinks supporting Disney at this point is wrong. Patrick disagrees.
  • Caller: Judy says birth control also acts as an abortifacient. She also claims Luisa Piccarreta has already been declared a “servant of God” by the Vatican
  • Caller: Jennifer asks how to explain the transgender issue to her daughter because her aunt is undergoing transgender surgery
  • Caller: Carla discusses the scientific, psychological, physiological effects of having sex and how it bonds us and can confuse us if we have multiples partners
  • Caller: Kathleen found that online Catholic dating wasn’t as authentic as expected. Some Catholic men are Catholic in name but don’t practice everything the Church teaches