The Patrick Madrid Show: July 29, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Joseph asks if we have to confess every sin at confession
  • Caller: Olga and Alfredo ask where in the Bible it forbids abortion
  • Caller: Kevin’s parents are losing the faith and he wonders how to help them
  • Caller: Eric asks the difference between one’s spirit and soul
  • Caller: Janet and her husband have an opportunity to go on a senior citizens vacation but she’s not sure that there will be an opportunity to get to Sunday Mass
  • Caller: James asks why “his” is used instead of “God” in the Orate Fratres prayer
  • Aller: Sherry has been married for 33 years but wasn’t married in the Church. Will she go to Hell? A priest told her she can’t receive Communion so she stopped attending church