The Patrick Madrid Show: July 30, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Women seeking post-abortion counselling soars by 82% in Cork, Ireland
  • Caller: Tom is a musician and asks Patrick’s opinion on playing or listening to music where the artists lives immoral lives
  • Caller: Carol asks about the Jehovah’s Witness belief that the world was without God for three days
  • Caller: Betty asks if Hell is a physical place or if it’s just a state of separation from God
  • Caller: Nathan asks about moral relativism and objective truth as he has a coworker who is fallen from the faith
  • Caller: Ed’s 20 year old daughter just moved away with a man who is 8 years older. Will he be punished for not being a more disciplinary father?
  • Caller: Mary is concerned about the term “credible allegation” being used in the priestly scandal investigations