The Patrick Madrid Show: July 31, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Listener email: Candace was so shaken by Patrick’s story of waiting at a stoplight and avoiding a crash, that it ended up saving her life, weeks later in the same situation because she listened to that inner voice and avoided a collision
  • Caller: Justin asks for resources to read to his 4 year old daughter about the faith
  • Caller: Joe asks if Patrick has seen Jim Caviezel’s video requesting that church authority acknowledge Our Blessed Mother as co-redemptrix
  • Caller: Angela needs help explaining to her brother-in-law Jeremiah 1:5, that God knows the future, yet a soul does not exist until conception
  • Are the sperm and egg alone, by themselves, sacred?
  • The worst passwords of 2018
  • Caller: Mayela asks what would’ve happened if Adam and Eve never sinned. Would there still be procreation?  Was the Garden of Eden on earth or in Heaven?
  • Caller: K.C. asks what “begotten” means in reference to “His begotten Son.”