The Patrick Madrid Show: July 31, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Janet asks if we are morally obligated to avoid shops that support Planned Parenthood like Starbucks
  • Caller: Diane asks for an explanation on the different forms of love: Eros, Phileo, and Agape
  • Caller: Patty’s workplace supports the transgender movement and wonders what to do
  • Caller: Joseph asks about the Old Testament and the Trinity
  • Caller: Fr. Tom is a prison chaplain and suggests we all write letters to companies complaining about their support of Planned Parenthood
  • Survey: 28-percent of food delivery drivers swipe food from your order
  • Caller: Annette’s Protestant coworker has invited her to a healing ministry and wonders if it is okay to go, even though she feels uneasy in her stomach