The Patrick Madrid Show: July 31, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Michael says instead of becoming discouraged by the sins of the world, we can offer reparation for the sins of others
  • Caller: Kurt theoretically suggests Catholics and Christians come together to buy out shares of certain companies and then we will have power to vote on their decisions
  • Caller: Jennifer asks if some people who are influenced by the desensitization of sexual sin in our culture, are they less culpable at judgment?
  • Caller: Tilly’s son is so against the Catholic Church. He has dabbled in scientology, Mormonism, and done drugs. What book can she give him?
  • Caller: Mark cared for his dying mother with advanced Alzheimer’s and when she was no longer able to eat, he declined the option of a feeding tube. Did he kill his mother?
  • Caller: Jessica is losing her dad to cancer. How can she pray for his soul
  • Caller: Sherry says the book “Dogma of Hell” is on YouTube, so anyone can listen to it
  • Caller: Becka asks about protecting children from scandal and if that means don’t send them to public school