The Patrick Madrid Show: July 4, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Mark says he heard there was a visionary who saw Our Lady at Medjugorje and she asked her to be a nun. The visionary declined. What can we take away from that?

  • Caller: Janet went to a conference where it felt like an all day commercial for going to Medjugorje

  • Caller: Tammy’s daughter is wondering if we will have free will in Heaven. Patrick says yes, we will have a perfect free will

  • Caller: Cathy shares how grateful she is she finally chose to get an annulment. She asks how to convince her Catholic friends confession is a necessary sacrament

  • St. Monica once had a drinking problem, but raised her son St. Augustine in the faith, and after he lived a life in sin, he came back to the faith from her unending prayers

  • Caller: Andrew asks if there is anything else we can do other than pray and fast for our bishops

  • Caller: Javier is a Seventh Day Adventist but is working on entering the Catholic Church very soon. He asks if Adam and Eve saw God

*This encore originally aired on 5-15-19 during hour 2