The Patrick Madrid Show: July 5, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Caller: Larry asks Patrick to explain the history of freemasonry and why the Catholic Church does not allow it

  • Caller: Melissa asks if we can pray for someone who has died and rejected the church while on earth. Can you have a Mass offered for a non-Catholic?

  • How adding iodine to salt boosted Americans’ IQ

  • Caller: Bozena thinks Relevant Radio and other Catholics are not truly pro-life because we support our military in Iraq and Afghanistan. She doesn’t think we should leave our country to fight in war

  • Caller: Randy is a first time listener and a military veteran. In response to Bozena, some of his most important missions were humanitarian, natural disaster recovery missions; it’s not all about killing

  • Caller: Therese thinks abortion should be considered a humanitarian issue. She also thinks pro-choicers should say “my baby, my choice.”

  • Patrick explains his background credentials and how he got to where he is today

  • Caller: Daniel asks who came first: humans or dinosaurs? If dinosaurs came first and then went extinct before Adam and Eve, how could that be if there was no sin yet?

*This encore originally aired on 5/23/19 during hour 1