The Patrick Madrid Show: July 5, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Chris asks about his daughter joining the girl scouts

  • Caller: Sandy asks about parenting in today’s culture

  • Caller: Dan theorizes that maybe it’s more important to work on changing hearts and minds on abortion rather than by laws

  • Caller: David likes Dan’s perspective. There is no open conversation about the issues. He advocates stopping abortion by law but at the same time listening to those who disagree and meeting their needs

  • Caller: Maria asks for some talking points she can use to discuss with LDS members who are coming over tonight

  • Glen on Facebook is an LDS listener and thanks Patrick for a great show

  • Caller: Tom is confused how to defend a consistent life ethic when challenged on the issues of rape and incest for abortion exceptions

*This encore originally aired on 5/23/19 during hour 2