The president can’t block people anymore?

  • Hour 1 of 7-10-19
  • Iowa and Nevada are among the first states that will allow caucusing by phone. Is this a good idea, or will it lead to voter fraud? Should people be able to vote by telephone, or should they have to go to the physical voting station? Hans von Spakovsky is hesitant about this idea, and he explains why.
  • Peter Breen explains why the president is being told he can no longer block people on his Twitter. In the past, he blocked people who gave him a hard time or were disrespectful, but an appeals court is upholding that he should not be able to because of the office he holds. But what if he has a personal account? Shouldn’t he be able to?
  • Has God ever worked a providential miracle in your life? Fr. Goyo, a priest from LA, was able to help someone because of dialing the wrong number. Hear this story and more.