• Hour 1 of 7-29-19
  • An update on the Nick Sandmann Covington case. The Wall Street Journal was sued by Sandmann and his attorney for defaming him and hurting his reputation, but sadly the judge has shut it down. It could be appealed, but it is clear that the media made this into a circus show and made Nick and the other Covington students look like they were making fun of the Native Americans. But the truth came out, and it was apparent with more footage that the students were the ones being attacked verbally. Pray for Sandmann, the rest of the students, and for truth to prevail.
  • South Dakota is requiring “In God We Trust” to be displayed in all public schools. This after some Democrats have tried to remove “So help me God” in the public oath. So shouldn’t God be included, or do people have the right to abstain from saying this if they are not Christian? David French offers his point of view.
  • Msgr. Charles Pope on tolerance.