UK legalizes abortion and redefines marriage for Northern Ireland

  • Hour 1 of 7-11-19
  • UK legalizes abortion and redefines marriage for Northern Ireland. It’s sad to see how this agenda has been so perpetrated and imposed on other nations and cultures. Now that Ireland has also accepted so called gay marriage, what comes next? What can we do as an American Catholic population to bring about truth? This may seem like news happening far away, but it does affect us. Mary FioRito shares her perspective.
  • Drew reports that the newsroom personnel has dropped by 25% over the past 10 years.  Why is this? As we are seeing the mediums changing as to how news is consumed, this is affecting traditional news media sources. Jake adds that many millennials consume news through Twitter! Will TV and newspapers still provide news in the future?
  • Similar to the Terry Schiavo case, is the death of Vincent Lambert from France. This was a man who could have easily been kept alive but was killed without parental consent. His parents have fought against the actions courts have taken, yet we now mourn his loss. Some of the other family members of Lambert wanted him to die. This is another example of the culture of death affecting the way we treat other human beings, who should be given dignity and care. Bobby Schindler, a relative of Terry Schaivo reflects on this.
  • Why is Twitter down this hour? Drew and Jake look into this and examine the way that social media can often control us and take over our lives.