Will radicalization work for Democrats?

  • Hour 3 of 7-1-19
  • Dr. Joseph Capizzi jumps into the reparations debate. Should African Americans be offered reparations for the injustice of slavery done long ago in the past? Sen Cory Booker thinks this should happen. Sen Elizabeth Warren even suggested that LGBT people should be paid due to not being able to be married for so long! Where’s the logic in that?
  • The Democrats demonstrated their extreme abortion rhetoric last week at the debates. Julian Castro said that trans people should be able to have abortion, Sen Bernie Sanders vowed to never appoint a pro-life justice to the Supreme Court if he becomes president, and Sen Amy Klobuchar boasted that she has a track record of fighting for “a woman’s right” to abort her baby.” Not only that, but all of the Democrats on stage said they think that undocumented immigrants should have healthcare. Doesn’t the US have the duty to protect their own people too? Will this radicalization work? Kristen Day is a part of Democrats for Life, and she hopes that the Democratic party can return back to being a more pro-life party that protects the “little man.”