Abuse in the Boy Scouts

  • Hour 1 of 8-8-19
  • It’s time to take action! Some Wisconsin legislators might be trying to force priests in their state to violate the seal of Confession, and to share the sins of abuse which are confessed. This will only prove to be a danger to religious freedom, and priests would surely die before breaking the seal. Kim Vercauteran updates you, and asks you to call the WI Capitol to voice your concern. 1-800 362-9472
  • Dr. Meg Meeker joins Drew to talk about abuse within the Boy Scout community. Reports indicate that there are many lawsuits against the BSA, and it has been covered up for quite some time. Dr. Meg Meeker illustrates how porn, proclivity to violence, and need for control over other men is often associated with abuse and this is what contributes to this evil in our society.