Abortion Pill Kills, Reversal Saves Lives; Propaganda & Rescue 8.12.19

  • Andrea Trudden, Heartbeat International; Putting light on the widespread promotion of the abortion pill, propaganda pushing its accessibility online, use at home as freedom, privacy, independence, and the devastating results of women who use it.
  • Bishops of California call for Catholic action against college abortion pill bill.
  • Frances Jimenez, Aid for Women: Pregnancy help centers experience frontline “fallout” from abortion industry’s viral promotion of the abortion pill; work on campaign of awareness to spread truths of abortion pill’s gruesome reality & dangers, help available at pregnancy centers.
  • Rebekah Hagan: Teen pregnancy almost ended with abortion pill, firsthand story of the successful abortion pill reversal that saved her son’s life; a true, important story of hope and redemption, led to a ‘grace-centered outreach’ for other women in unplanned pregnancies.