Catholics divided by party

  • Hour 3 of 8-7-19
  • What do you think is at the root of all of this violence in our country? Is it more than gun control? Gov. Mike Huckabee hit it square on the head when he said that we need to consider where young men are spiritually. If they don’t have God to lean on, they will open themselves up to dangerous practices and ideologies. Dr. Anne Hendershott agress, and she elaborates on how we can get our nation back to God and find peace again.
  • Whatever happened to the Catholic vote? We see in this present age a definitive split within the Catholic voter base. Some Catholics believe Republicans have all the answers, while others say the Democratic party reflects Catholic moral teaching. But why do Catholics not follow teaching on abortion, same-sex marriage, and other hot button issues? Fr. Paul Sullins agrees that we need to stop putting party before faith, and we need to allow Jesus to determine how we vote.