Confirming Young Adults in Faith; Defending Life 8.27.19

  • Chris Stefanick: CHOSEN Confirmation program successful in preparing kids for college & future challenges in life, keeping them engaged in the faith long after Confirmation; why it’s so effective in keeping kids Catholic, uniting people of all ages in the Church.
  • Chosen doesn’t hold back with answers or the Catholic moral teaching; how can your life not be changed by that?
  • Mary FioRito: Melinda Gates Is Wrong: Birth Control Isn’t Poverty Control; you don’t eliminate poverty by eliminating the poor; some Western elites are being strident in promoting widespread use of artificial contraceptives as ‘empowerment’ for women, a false assumption.
  • What Catholic experts has Melinda Gates consulted? It’s clear from her book and writing, she doesn’t know…what she doesn’t know about what the Church teaches about fertility, marriage and children.