Devil is Real, Diabolical Probs, Parenting Advice from St. Joseph Marello, Correction and Prayer 8.23.19

  • Fr. Matthew and Fr. Stephen break down the facts about Satan (he’s real, not a symbol). God gave angelic beings preview of salvation – revealed to them “who he is”; Satan rejected “who God is.”
  • It’s not necessary to go looking for evil (the Evil One is everywhere); we have to be prudent and discern reality of evil.
  • (Fr. Brian Crawford joins the show) Catechesis begins at home. St. Joseph Marello reminds that the lives of parents inform and educate their children: they will see grace active or sin that does not cooperate. Regarding discipline, parents must be sensitive to the personalities of their children. Firm but gentle; knowing what’s best for the child.
  • No one likes “correction” – but we must learn to receive correction, for our good. Children may become indifferent toward their parents with a lack of discipline, overall weakening their lifelong bond. Are parents praying for their children? Do children see their parents praying for them?