Encore: Growth for the Church; Holiness is a good ‘infection’; Seal of Confession; Marriage Prep 4.30.19

Today’s broadcast is an encore from April 30, 2019

  • There is a question that is often on Fathers mind. How can we make the church grow? Father discusses the ways we can bring more people to know Jesus. 
  • Father has been reading about confidence. He looks at the meaning of the word trust and confidence in other languages. Father looks at a study done in 2011. 
  • Father shares a real realization due to laws inside of the United States. There has been an attempt to remove the seal of confession. Father talks about the law in Australia and how it can affect the seal of confession. 
  • Marriage prep can drive down divorce. In states where marriage prep is required divorce rate is lower. Father talks about the benefits of having this requirement would have. Also about how the Catholic church already requires marriage prep.