Focus on the Eucharist, Liturgy, Priesthood, Family, Renewal 8.13.19

  • Dr. Scott Hahn: The Eucharist in Scripture, biblical foundations of the Eucharist and the Church’s liturgy; the Priesthood and restoring Spiritual Fatherhood; Family as the First Society; authentic Catholic renewal based on these foundations.
  • What Jesus wants to give us is a marriage, not a ring and a cake.
  • Chad Pecknold: Why so few Catholics believe in the Real Presence in the Eucharist, look to the Liturgy and ‘put the bastions back’ to renew and catechize Catholics; families need defending in our society and culture.
  • Knowing how to receive the Lord is what we need to recover; when we receive in a reverential way, we learn with our mind what we are doing with our body. Caller, Kyle: Commented: less reverence is because the Church does not require parishioners to not accept the host on the tongue. Caller, Debbie: when she and her husband were new converts they received communion in silence, now everyone has to sing. She misses taking time to accept silence. The Pew study: