Go Ask Your Father August 26th – Do You Know How Much You Are Loved?

Do you know how much you are loved? God loves each and everyone of us. Msgr Swetland reminds you just how much you are loved by God.


Caller Question – Told her son to stay home from Mass on Sunday. Was that wrong?

Caller Question – Should people who bring up the gifts at Mass be practicing Catholics?

Caller Question – What are the benefits of wearing a scapular?

Caller Question – If God is all good and loving, how can he be vengeful?

Caller Question – With Adam and Eve, was Satin truly in the form of a serpent?

Caller Question – How can a person be “slain in the spirit” and also have self control?

Catechetical Corner – Visible Creation

Caller Question – Is it sinful to use birth control?