Go Ask Your Father August 2nd – How Many Friends Do You Have?

How many friends do you have? A recent study says that 22% of Millennial’s say they have no friends. Why would this be and is this a larger problem within society? Msgr. Swetland gives you his thoughts on this troubling study.


Caller Question – For EM’s, what should they do for people who don’t cross their arms at communion when they can’t receive communion?

Caller Comment – She is a millennial and she sees the same issues Msgr. Swetland does.

Caller Comments – He works with kids and they are having a hard time understanding each other because they don’t

Catechetical Corner – Sacred Scripture.

Caller Question – Why are we told that Jesus went to Hell when he died and then rose again on the 3rd day?

Caller Question – Why does the devil have so much power?