Go Ask Your Father August 30th – Labor Day

What is Labor Day about? Is it just a day for us to say we have the day off of work or does it mean more than that? Msgr. Swetland explains the history of Labor Day and why it is so important and what it means to God.


Caller Question – She got married outside of the Church and now has come back to the faith. How does she go about getting her marriage blessed in the Church?

Caller Question – Is it sinful for companies to send jobs overseas?

Caller Question – What does Msgr Swetland think of the book “School of Darkness“?

Caller Question – Is there a point in the Mass that you need to be there by in order for Mass to count for our Sunday obligation?

Caller Question – What is the Churches position on the US law that equates corporations with people?

Caller Question – She has been asked to witness a same-sex wedding. Is this okay?

Catechetical Corner – “Give us this day our daily bread”

Caller Question – Can she be a woman of God and represent the Democratic Party?